Wednesday, November 3, 2010



This monthly USCF rated event features the standard time control of 45 moves in 2 hours and Sudden Death in 1 hour. This time control is a little "quicker" than the usual 40 moves in 2 hours and Sudden Death in 1 hour but is still the longest time control event that you will find in Phoenix Arizona - anywhere. And this is precisely what improving players need to play - a good long time control event that can allow them to perfect their game. Preregistration is from 6:30 till 7 PM and one round is played on every Tuesday of the Month - these events being month long tournaments.

This tournament is a Swiss style Open with class prizes. It can and will feature players rated from Unrated all the way up to Master grade. This month's event has 16 players and features players rated from 1001 to 2007 - with several Unrated players in the mix as well. Even more players will register come round two this upcoming Tuesday - the 9th of November. One of the young Scholastic players in this event is provisionally rated a master already - Nam Nguyen! He beat IM Deniosio Aldama in a G30 event at the Chess Emporium last Friday so this high school Scholastic player can really play a mean game of chess. His provisional rating is going to be over 2300.

This month there are two experts playing with established ratings as well as quite a few talented Scholastic players as well. Bennett Katz, Alex Ochkur, Racheal Eng and, of course, Nam Nguyen are all improving because of being able to play in this "REAL" chess event - featuring a good long time control. One round is played every Tuesday night and with 5 Tuesdays this month we have a bonus round! Exactly what the improving player needs!

I have won two editions of this event this year and I am hoping to make this my third. However there are a lot of tough players in this event and no guarantees! No matter what happens I will get in more practice and improve as a player - which is what experienced players need to do too!

Make it a great day - today and every day! - Chess Coach Sean Tobin.

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