Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Prateek - a study in concentration!
While at the tournament and at the chess board!

We had 3 players in the K-3 UNDER 600 section of the ASCF's "KNIGHT'S JOUST" held over at Jacobson Elementary on the 20th of February. They came in 6th out of A LOT of teams - and should we ever have all of our tournament players all attend the same event, all of them at the very same time then we will do even better - tis a sure thing! As it was Thomas P., Chris and Daniel all had fun at this event. Chris scored 3 points coming in 13th while Daniel scored 3 points and coming in 17th place. Thomas scored 2 points in this event proving that he is a solid player. I look forward to helping all three of them to play even better chess and to seeing how they progress as players in all of their future events.

Prateek was in the K-6 CHAMP section and scored 2.5 points in a very tough field. We can't always sweep them all up four and "o" but Prateek is our best player - and shall win many other events in the future. A lot of them with perfect scores - of this I am sure!

Spencer Pote took part in our vote to play and competed in the K-6 Under 700 section. He scored two out of four points for a solid fifty percent score. He did it the old fashioned way - he had to bang off some "ring rust" in rounds one and two - having lost both of these games - then he won the next two to score his two wins in this event. Spencer is a solid player and the more he plays the sooner he will get into the ASCF's CHAMP category. Which is as it is for all of our players - the more they play the better they will become.

For the full listing of all sections to both the "MIRAGE" and the "KNIGHT'S JOUST" please visit HERE.

Your Brisas Geckos Chess Coach
Chess Coach Sean Tobin.

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