Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CHESS GAME DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

CHESS GAME DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 The Fabulous Fabiano Curuana continues to impress all!

It was back during the World Open held in 2001 and I was in the grip of a serious chess fever... I not only played in the main event but I also played in several of the side events as well. It was during the 5th round of the WORLD OPEN TUESDAY ACTION that I got paired with a small boy with big glasses and a teddy bear on "board". I thought to myself - easy win. Well it wasn't! In fact I didn't win at all and was very lucky to draw. Back in 2001 this boy was rated 1788 before this event but post he was 1828 rated. What is his rating nowadays?

The fabulous Fabiano Curuana is now FIDE rated 2700 plus - which makes him a Super Grandmaster! While it would be intellectual dishonest of me to claim that I had drawn a Super Grandmaster I can in all honesty say that I played an all time great player way back when he was just starting off and before he later became a top notch chess competitor. Of course this story would sound even better if I had won that game way back when. At least to my ears!

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One of my big joys as a chess coach is working with youngsters... but when I look at children now I cannot help but to ask myself the following question "How good will this boy/girl be in a year? In two years? What is their chess potential?" These questions are ever in the back of my mind after having played in an event held on July 3rd, 2001. When I look at some of my students I know that some of them will make master - but it will take time, energy and effort. Will they be able to put forth their best effort? I know several of my students can - with one well on his way there now. (Tony Yim!)

I also look at ALL of my kids and know that they can at least become as good or skilled a player as me. But will I get the chance to help them achieve this? Will their Parents understand just how useful an educational tool Scholastic chess is and sign them up for chess tournaments? Do they have the time and inclination? Always such questions are in my mind... two of my star students that I work with right now I will make every effort to help them achieve as much as they can with my help. But once they do so it will be my hope that they continue on with another chess coach who can take them further should I not be up to the task. They both have that much potential. A tier down I have several more students who too will make that jump but first they must cross the 1300 ASCF barrier and that can be stumbling block for some Scholastic players. But not if I am their coach - we'll cross it sooner than later!

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