Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Worth 1 Expert point


Win a Queen for a small investment of points
- only one move will do the job right!

This was from the game DAVID HALL versus COACH SEAN. I am lost here and I noticed this after I had played my horrible move 14. ...Qxf6?? I was dreading and expecting the move 15. Bg5 - which David then played - and then I knew I was doomed in this game as I now have a lost position on the board. But would my opponent find the right move?

When we find ourselves in a losing position we should play on - perhaps our opponent will not see the winning move? We should never make any sounds or say anything that will indicate to our opponent that there is a winning move for them to be played while they are looking at the chess board. I was as quiet as a mouse while waiting for David's move in this position. Can you find the move that he overlooked?

Worth 2 Expert Points

All of my pieces are under attack
Black to play and deliver Checkmate in Two!

This was from the actual game - after my friend and opponent blundered away his winning position - I was obliged to win the game. It wasn't easy setting up this position and it took a lot of quiet discipline on my part and some help from my opponent to get to this grand finale! Can you find both moves here?


Worth 25 Expert Points!


A "What if" position from the actual game. "What if" or variations, if you will, are the unheard melodies from a chess game. Because any one game is rich in possibilities there are always other ways we could have played - other ways we can improve upon our play for future games. This is one reason why it is important for our player(s) to record their chess games - we can learn from these games and become better players.

ENJOY - Coach Sean Tobin.

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    Problem #1
    The Coach's bane move was 16. g4!. The door slams shut and my Queen would have been lost. That is if David Hall had not played the move 16. Bd3?? which let me off the hook as I only had to pay a single pawn fine.

    Problem #2
    This is how the game actually ended! All of my pieces are attacked and it looks like I am lost. But I saw the artful continuation:
    24. Qxd5 Rc1+! 25.King or Rook takes on c1 followed by my move 25. ...Qxb2 checkmate! Good things happen to those who wait - so just play on in your games and never be a quitter. There is nothing wrong with losing a game of chess but there is something wrong with giving up and not trying to do our best. This is never an option in the great game of life.

    Problem #3
    This is based upon a variation that my opponent might have played. The winning move is 22. ...Qc4 with unstoppable mate threats. For example:
    22. Bc2 Qc4 23. bxc3 Qa2 + + wins the game or
    22. Bc2 Qc4 23. b3 Rxb3 leads to checkmate as well!

    For those of you who "checked" out these Chess Puzzles I hope you have enjoyed looking at them and their solutions.
    - Coach Sean Tobin.