Wednesday, April 21, 2010

OUR TWO GECKO CHESS HEROS at the "TYPHOON" - their photo essay!

My student Riley pays homage to his hero R. Nadal while I practice falling down!

Some of my other students that participated at the TYPHOON.

Peter and Bennett - of Cherokee holding their first place team trophy together - have won every 1st place team trophy in the K-3 CHAMP section of all tournaments that they have played together in. Unlike some of the other chess coaches out there I want my students to take their game as far as they care to - but not to the point where it becomes less than fun. I also do not give bogus advice about "They should always play up..." - while playing up is important so isn't being a kid and just having fun with your friends in the section that you should be playing in. On occasion playing up is good but long term and constantly playing up leads to students quitting chess as this creates entirely too much stress for most youngsters. I have more potential teams entering the K-3 CHAMP - one from BRISAS and one from SANTAN. I look forward to helping all of these players - and all of my players in general irrespective of whether or not they play tournament chess - to get the most out of chess while enjoying their engagement by this ancient and powerful learning tool. Chess is "Sugar coated competitive fun" for the mind!

Trevor versus Spencer.

Tom vs yet another opponent!

Spencer "reads" his opponent's reaction to the move.

Tallying the result.

Spencer's amazing Queen levitation trick!

Tom sees the threat and plays the best move - Castling for King Safety!

Spencer joins in on a group study session between rounds at the TYPHOON.

Tom in total concentration - even the flash of my camera went unnoticed by Tom!

I hope that you have enjoyed this photo essay
- Chess Coach Sean Tobin.

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