Wednesday, March 3, 2010

PRATEEK - The Gecko Lion King!

Coach Sean with Prateek and Chris at "MIRAGE"
- These trophies are no mirage!

On the 14th of February we had a team represent Brisas at the local ASCF (American Scholastic Chess Federation) event "The Mirage" which was held at SETTLER'S POINT ELEMENTARY. This fine one day event was held on Saturday and some of our best players attended that day while are other really talented players were missed. Given the field that showed up our team could have placed very highly in the final team standings.

In the K-3 UNDER 600 Chris took 12th place while Thomas P. took 2 out of 4 points in this event. 115 total players competed in this one section of the "MIRAGE". Both players have improved even more since this event - see my other postings and look for their future games here. Thomas is not pictured in the photo as he could not stay for the end of this event because of a prior sporting commitment.

In the K-6 CHAMP section Prateek took first place with a perfect four and zero! Having swept the field he won first place. Prateek has been on the wrong end of tie-breaks before but this time he took first and this result is in the history books Ladies and Gentlemen! Prateek really played some powerful chess during this event and you may not be able to tell based upon what is offered in this photo but he is sitting on a lion! Don't worry though as it is only one made of stone!

Congratulations to all of our players who participated in this fine event. Let's get our players ready for the GOVERNOR'S CUP!

- Coach Sean Tobin.

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