Wednesday, March 3, 2010

GAMES from our 3/3/2010 meeting of the GECKOS CHESS CLUB!

All games were from round one today - enjoy these three games from our Ladder!

Some coaches will not allow their players to play for any of the various variations upon the theme of the four move checkmate. I do however! Why you might ask? If one of my players should be reluctant to give up this weapon he or she will test all of their fellow club members with this trap - time and time again. If someone falls for it then I have to teach them how to defend against this trap - which means once no one falls for it we have now reached a point in time where the four move trap test giver will have to move on to greener openings! So having some players spring this on their club mates does everyone a bit of good because once all of their teammates stop falling for it they will have past the "test" - at least that is the way I feel about it!

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