Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome to the Brisas Geckos Chess Community Blog!


This blog is about Scholastic Chess - and more specifically about the Kyrene de las Brisas Chess Community! I will be posting puzzles and articles that are meant for members of this chess community and for any other chess players that may or may not stumble upon this excellent Scholastic Chess Resource. More than likely other students and their family members from some of my other Chess Clubs.

In future postings on this site you will find a weekly Chess Puzzles posting that has been taken from one of my own games. The first is up now! So take a look at the above problem - this one is actually taken from a game that I played over this past Winter Break - a game that I should have lost! That is what happens when you play too quickly - a lesson that I should know well!! But my opponent missed his opportunity during this off hand game to score a big upset win - perhaps some of our Geckos can find the move that David Hall missed?

Each Chess Puzzle posting will contain an "easy" problem and then a more difficult exercise for advanced players or those looking to sharpen their skills. Sometimes there may even be more than two positions to solve. These puzzles will very often come from variations that either did take place during one of my games or that could have happened during the game in question.

Each posting will also have a general piece of advice for my players - something that they can hopefully learn from - something that they will find useful and be able to apply during one of their own games with you at home. Something that will help them to play better chess moves no matter whom they are playing against. My postings here might even allow you - their Parent(s) to play better chess! If you have just but 5 minutes you will learn from these postings as well.

Your Kyrene de las Brisas Chess Coach
Coach Sean Tobin.

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