Tuesday, January 5, 2010



David Hall is my opponent from the game that our Chess Puzzle Posting comes from. David loves to play chess and plays in numerous chess tournaments as well as at several different chess clubs. He is an active member of his local Chess Association and he is also an avid Chess Book collector.

David Hall was the first Chess Tournament player that I ever met. For that first Summer he defeated me in HUNDREDS of games. I never got tired of learning from David and learning all of his tricks. However I had a lot to learn - that first Summer I only drew one game and it was because David Stalemated me!

I never got too badly frustrated and because I was determined to eventually defeat David, and other skilled players like him, I kept on playing the royal game. I ended up playing in my first USCF rated chess tournament that next year and wouldn't you know it - in one of my first few tournament appearances I had to play David! I scored my first victory against David and it was at a chess tournament which made that first win all that much more special. As with a lot of things in life - Persistence and Perseverance pays off!

As you can see from this weeks posting David is still capable of playing a strong game of chess. When I first played him his rating was about 1500ish. As of the time of this posting his rating is now 1697 which places him firmly in the realm of a solid B-player. Last year David lost on time in a game against Grand Master (GM) Igor Ivanov - a game in which both players had to play their best during the sudden death blitz phase of that game. In the final position the game was a level draw and when David timed out his opponent - a GM! - only had one minute left on his clock. David knows how to play a great game of chess!

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