Monday, January 3, 2011

Chess is less painful and a lot more fun than Boxing...


Sadly this is what happens to all chess coaches someday... just ask Robby Adamson!

I did not take very many photos as the NORTH AMERICAN OPEN - but plenty of other folks sure did! Thank you Radhika! A prize photo - I was caught a bit off guard and surprised when Prateek turned our fighting pose into a knockout punch pose! Someday he - as will several of my other students - knock me out OTB! Which is rather less painful than a real knock-out!!! When those days come along - I will gladly tip my King. Being checkmated by former students is just their way of saying "Job well done, Coach!". Of course I will attempt to put that off for as long as possible! : )

- Chess Coach Sean Tobin.

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